My name is Daniela Cermenati, and I am an artist living in Boston MA. I was born and raised in Santiago de Chile and we’ve been living in the Boston area for around 3 years.
I’m a Graphic Designer by training, having a bachelor degree from Universidad del Pacifico, in Chile. I turned into Art while I was working as a designer, but I’ve always had a love for paintings, crafts, and handmade techniques.
My paintings consist of mostly non-objective work. They are a bright and dynamic explorations of nature.
Is not my intention to represent a real landscape, nature, or any objective figure, but instead I create my own interpretation of nature, as I want to see it.
The first thing I do before starting to paint, is to select a palette of colors. The inspiration to define it can come from any place, like the colors I see during the day. It could be a shirt, a picture, or any ordinary object that catches my attention. All the colors that I see during the day, might end up in a painting. My work is basically color and more color. To reach this explosion of color I use organza ribbons, laces, papers, foils and oil pencils to create different patterns. All these materials, mixed one on top of the other, create new textures that make vibrate colors, producing more colors.
My goal is to create a focus of color inside a house, office, or store, hoping that it might enlighten and inspire your day. I create paintings to be seen in everyday places, living rooms, kid’s bedrooms, and any place that needs a touch of inspiration.
I am always learning, pushing my limits to new techniques, colors, and patterns.
Thank you!
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